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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Women of God can Never be like Women of the World

The World has enough women who are tough
We Need Women who are Tender

There are enough women who are coarse
We Need Women who are Kind

There are enough women who are rude
We Need Women who are Refined

We have enough women of fame and fortune
We Need Women of Faith

We have enough greed and vanity
We Need more Goodness and Virtue

We have enough popularity
We Need more Purity


  1. I really like this! I do have to admit I don't attend church as much as I would like but the love I have for my lord and Savior is truly amazing! I agree that people mostly younger women are way to obsessed with popularity and don't value good morals.

  2. I agree. It does affect so many young women today. I have to remind myself though that it is just as easy for adult women to fall into the ways of the world. We have become vain, prideful, and selfish along with everything listed in the poem. It scares me...

    thank you for commenting!

  3. Your welcome! I do think that we woman of God can be tough at times. I don't think its a has to be a negative thing. We all go through a rough times and during those times you need to be tough...or well strong. We need to be for not only ourselves with is very important but our families as well. I do agree. More woman and men as all need to be tender to one another and to themselves and there are rude people everywhere but I think that there's a little good in every body and maybe that's a down fall but that's just me. If you look at the good in people we all might make the world that much better and maybe find a friend in the least expected person. Sorry thought to deep on that then started rambling!

  4. I think tough and strong are two different things in this context. I think tough means coarse. I think it is a wonderful thing to be strong, but a strong women can also be tender. A coarse woman cannot also be tender.