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Following my LDS Surrogate Experience and More! I hope to share my experience and perspective with you. My adventures starts back in September of 2011, and I hope you can follow along and be a part of my journey! I follow one successful and one unsuccessful attempt at gestational surrogacy. Also, make sure to visit my Intended Mother's blogs (with a link to the right) The purpose of my blog is to educate people all over the world about gestational surrogacy and a little about the LDS Church's position regarding surrogacy. If you are somewhere in the process, whether you are an intended parent, a surrogate, or you plan to become one soon, I hope my blog can help put some perspective in your life. Please feel free to leave comments. I have the opportunity to be involved with such a unique and special experience. As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I also plan to express my love for the Gospel throughout my scribblings. Thank You for visiting!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Anxiety & Appointments!

My tummy keeps doing flip-flops every time I think about tomorrow! I am so excited to finally meet Hope and her Husband. I have anticipated meeting them for months now! I feel like there are a million things I need to do before tomorrow evening, and I am so anxious. They are coming from Illinois by train, and she said that they have been just as excited to head to Utah : ) I just got home from an appointment with the Fertility Clinic. It was a lining check ultrasound. Not the tummy kind, but the “stay warm in your paper blanket” kind. They said the very most important thing for the carrier is to have a good thick lining. Things look good, but they might consider upping my estrogen shot. I don’t mind; I do however mind the Progesterone and Oil shot that is lingering in my future. I won’t start the Prog and Oil until they retrieve Hope’s eggs. I still have a couple more weeks. I asked questions today at the clinic. I don’t usually ask a whole lot, but I figure it’s hard to explain what I don’t really understand myself. Turns out the Lupron injection that I take in my tummy is to make me not ovulate. Good to know. I also found out that these past few weeks of abstinence has not been necessary. That would have been really great to know a month ago… Furthermore, I found out that I will have to be on something similar to bedrest for 48 hours after the transfer of the embryos. This isn’t such good news. It makes perfect sense to me, however I work all Halloween weekend, and it is a very very busy weekend for us. If we have to do the transfer before noon on Halloween day, that isn’t good news for my boss : ( I’m a little nervous. I’m really hoping that the transfer falls on the afternoon of Halloween day. We’ll see how things go : ) The plan is to transfer two of Hope’s embryos (as long as she produces two that will work) but the clinic won’t transfer three. They don’t want to risk everything involved with having potential triplets. Two babies is enough, and as I’ve said before, I’m really hoping we can have two babies! That’s all for now, I gotta get ready for tomorrow!


  1. ha ha, this totally made me laugh. "stay warm in your paper blanket kind." Oh goodness.

    I hope your meeting goes well (I know it will!)

    I'm super excited for you!

  2. I thought you'd like that ;) haha

    Thank you ever so much!

  3. Laughing my head off at the paper blanket comment. Oh so true.