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Following my LDS Surrogate Experience and More! I hope to share my experience and perspective with you. My adventures starts back in September of 2011, and I hope you can follow along and be a part of my journey! I follow one successful and one unsuccessful attempt at gestational surrogacy. Also, make sure to visit my Intended Mother's blogs (with a link to the right) The purpose of my blog is to educate people all over the world about gestational surrogacy and a little about the LDS Church's position regarding surrogacy. If you are somewhere in the process, whether you are an intended parent, a surrogate, or you plan to become one soon, I hope my blog can help put some perspective in your life. Please feel free to leave comments. I have the opportunity to be involved with such a unique and special experience. As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I also plan to express my love for the Gospel throughout my scribblings. Thank You for visiting!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Update on the little things....

I’ve been meaning to get on for quite some time. I just can’t seem to find a moment these days…

I started my newest injection on Tuesday, October 3rd. The medication is called Estradiol Valerate (or Estrogen ) I have to give the injection 2 times a week, on Tuesday’s and Friday’s, in my bum, right before bed at night. I gave myself the first injection on Tuesday, and the shot wasn’t quite as bad as I had anticipated. I was so relieved. But things didn’t go so well on Friday when I gave myself the second injection. The shot hurt the second it connected. I’m talking hurt hurt. It took my breath away, and my right leg instantly ached. Saturday morning I woke up and it felt like a horse had kicked my right hind quarters. No exaggeration. I couldn’t sit flat, walking hurt, and I felt incredibly bruised. It’s still tender, and I am halfway through Monday. I talked to my nurse about it today at my appointment, she was really surprised, and said that I gave the injection in the right place, so we aren’t really sure what happened. Tuesday’s injection will be on the left; hubby will have to give it.

I also give myself a daily injection in my stomach. The medication is called Leuprolide Acetate (or Lupron) and this particular injection isn’t nearly as bad. I can hardly feel the ½ inch needle. It’s the same needle people use to give insulin shots. I give myself this injection when I get home from work every morning.

I was informed at my last appointment that I will be starting yet another injection in the next couple weeks. I was sure hoping it was gonna be another injection with the small needle, and I was hoping it would be another Tuesday/Friday type deal. But…. Nope. I was wrong. The nurse pulls out the inch and a half needle, and proceeds to tell me that I will be injecting Progesterone and Oil EVERY DAY for the first trimester. I’ll explain what that means for me… have you ever heard of a peanut butter shot? It’s just a shot that ultimately has thicker medication, so the shot is harder to give. You have to inject the medication slower since it’s thicker, and it hurts. Of course this couldn’t be my twice a week shot. Bummer. I don’t think I was ready to hear about the newest shot, cuz I felt like I was gonna cry when I found out … I hate peanut butter shots :(

Brionna (my 4 year old) loves to watch me give my injections. She’s such a nerd :) She comes running when my alarm goes off, and say’s “Be Brave Mommy!” I am so glad she can feel like a part of all this.

I’ve been a lot more emotional lately. Of course it’s because of all the extra hormones, but I am always on the verge of tears. Not necessarily in a bad way. I can feel that I’m emotional. I feel like I’m PMSing all the time… so I try real hard to recognize it and keep it under control. I tend to cry a lot at Church now. I just feel so uplifted, and so close to the Spirit, that ever y time we sing a hymn or have a really great lesson, I bawl like a baby. Like I said, it’s not necessarily always bad. I just keep tissues in my purse now : )

I fell over the weekend of General Conference. I slipped getting out of the shower, and hit both my neck and my head hard. A shock went through my body, and my vision was instantly full of static. It was a terrible feeling. My left ear has felt like I have water in it ever since, and I echo when I talk. I was able to follow Clark’s finger right after it happened, so we aren’t sure if it was an actual concussion, or just an unfortunate fall. My head finally cleared up after about a week, and my ear finally feels like it might be getting better. It made for a rough General Conference weekend.

Today at work, I sliced my left hand open with a razor blade. I said a naughty word when it happened : ( My boss made me leave and get stitches. I felt so bad when it happened. I know it was an accident, I just felt like it shouldn’t have happened at all. I’m a big girl, I can cut a box with a razor blade. Sheesh… So now I’m home and I’m not sure whether I should rest, or start working on Halloween costumes, or go to the gym. I feel a little flustered. I am really not an accident prone person, so these last few weeks of serious accidents are really throwing me off. The Estrogen and Hormones are not helping my situation right now. .. and I’m not feeling well. I’m not sure if it’s just a bug, or side effects of the medications.

I had my blood drawn at the Fertility Clinic today. Every Monday they have to do a blood draw. Last week they did another ultrasound to check and make sure things still look good. It feels good to leave an appointment knowing we are right on track : ) All my nurses at the clinic are ever so nice. It’s been a really great experience working with them. The other night when I was about to start my first Estrogen shot, I noticed that things didn’t seem right with my syringes and needles. I called the on call nurse, and I had to go to the clinic late in the evening to receive the proper equipment. I was really glad I caught the mistake, and the nurse that had to go into the clinic so late made me feel so good.

Hope and I keep in touch either through email, or via phone calls. I love hearing from her. A couple Sundays ago, her husband emailed us and officially introduced himself! It was truly neat to hear from him. Clark was also excited to get his email. It gave us a new perspective, her husband’s perspective. Of course he is just as involved as she is, but since I only ever correspond with her, I tend to forget. He said they are planning to follow my blog : )

We officially meet Hope and her husband on Friday, October 14th! I cannot put into words how excited we are to meet them! We are going out to dinner, and then I do believe I will make my yummy banana chocolate chip cake for later in the evening. We are going to have them over, and get to know each other even better! I know this week is going to fly by, but I’m so impatient.

This is still such an exciting experience, and we are anxiously waiting for the end of October. The doctor that stitched up my hand today wanted to know all about my surrogate news! He kept asking questions enthusiastically. I have had such a wonderful response from everyone, and I’m so thankful for that. I love to answer questions and share with those around me. I feel so good : ) Despite Murphey’s Law, Life is GOOD : ) I’ll be in touch!


  1. Hang in there, I'm sure the accidents are somewhat related to the estrogen/hormone thing. Hope you don't have anymore though. Take care. :)

  2. This is a pretty amazing story. I hope you and Hope don't mind if I follow your blog. PS I live down the steer from your in-laws... Clark seems like he's grown up a bit since he was 13.

  3. Katie! I was wondering when you would join us ;) I hope to one day officially meet you, I've heard so much about you.