Following My LDS Surrogate Experience and More!


Following my LDS Surrogate Experience and More! I hope to share my experience and perspective with you. My adventures starts back in September of 2011, and I hope you can follow along and be a part of my journey! I follow one successful and one unsuccessful attempt at gestational surrogacy. Also, make sure to visit my Intended Mother's blogs (with a link to the right) The purpose of my blog is to educate people all over the world about gestational surrogacy and a little about the LDS Church's position regarding surrogacy. If you are somewhere in the process, whether you are an intended parent, a surrogate, or you plan to become one soon, I hope my blog can help put some perspective in your life. Please feel free to leave comments. I have the opportunity to be involved with such a unique and special experience. As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I also plan to express my love for the Gospel throughout my scribblings. Thank You for visiting!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Meeting Hope and Her Husband!

Oh if I could only put into words how wonderful Friday evening was! It is Sunday morning, and I am still smiling : ) Our amazing cousin Amy let the girls stay at her house for the evening, and I paced the house eagerly waiting for 5:30 to roll around. I made Clark anxious, so I kept teasing him. I would stand at the window with my face pressed up against the glass just to watch him squirm at the thought of Hope seeing me that way : ) They knocked on our door right at 5:30, and we exchanged hugs and hellos! We were all starving, so we rode together to Zupa’s. Even though I’m sure we all had butterflies, we all truly seemed so comfortable around one another. We laughed at jokes, we shared stories, we smiled and rolled our eyes, I guffawed at the notion that Hope does not like Olive Garden breadsticks! Dinner was so yummy that Clark and I went back to Zupa’s for lunch the next day. We visited for a long time at dinner, and then we made our way back to our house to visit some more. We talked a lot about thoughts and conversations we’ve had in detail. We got to see more of each other’s perspective, especially Clark and Hope’s husband. We have all had dreams about different things, and we shared those with each other as well. I talked about my past, and the things I had gone through. We talked about our kids, our jobs, and we even talked about our Family going out to Illinois to visit their family! Clark and I thought that would be such a fun experience, and I would LOVE love LOVE to experience Nauvoo while we are there! I made my banana chocolate chip cake to have that evening, but it really didn’t turn out. I was bummed. It was dryer than normal and even Clark admitted that it wasn’t as good as usual. I got to talk to my sweet Taylor during the evening. Then my phone alarm went off reminding me to take my Estrogen injection. We had a good laugh at the thought of Clark chasing me around the house with a needle cuz I kept insisting I wasn’t ready! But in all honesty, all of the shots have been totally painless, with the exception of that bizarre injection that first Friday. Hope and her husband stayed ‘til about 10pm, and I can honestly say that I had no idea it got as late as it had until Clark said he should probably go pick up the girls. I was having such a fantastic evening that I never wanted them to leave! But I did have to work early Saturday morning and I knew I needed to head to bed sooner or later. We made sure to get a picture of Hope and I at the end of our evening. We said our goodbyes, they left, and Clark and I instantly broke into excitement.

“That went so well! Did I talk too much? They were so great! She’s so cute! How was the cake! Were we boring? They were just how I imagined them! : )”

I was too excited to go to bed, so Clark talked me into driving to Lehi with him to pick up the girls. All I can think about is getting together with Hope again. I was excited to wake up this morning with an email from her asking to get together on Tuesday! Whoohoo! I’m so ready for Tuesday : ) Her husband is headed back to Illinois, but Hope will be here until the end of October when they do her egg retrieval. In the meantime, she has to do several injections a day, along with almost daily appointments at the clinic. She said it starts to feel so much more real when it’s her turn to start. She said that our chances of success are good, considering she has double the embryos this time around. She also told me that the clinic gives us around a 75% chance of success. At least that’s how I understood what she told me. I’ll have to double check that information. All around it was a wonderful evening and it was well worth the wait. I can add it to the list of things that go smooth and feel so right.



  1. i can't even begin to put into words the admiration that i have for the two of you! what an amazing example of christlike love, giving somebody something they can not do themselves.. you both look perfect and cute and like you are a great match! nothing in life is by accident.. you were the right person for hope and her husband.. your life has lead you to this point.. what an amazing experiece! thanks for letting me follow along on your journey!

  2. Thank you Mishali for everything you had to say! I feel the same way, that everything has lead me to this point and I am supposed to be here :) I'm so glad you're following along with us!